Curious System Solutions, LLC

Bringing dreams to life

We offer our expertise to you to help fill in the details, avoid potential roadblocks and improve project time and cost projections.  Often times it is simply to keep you out of trouble.  Did you know that advertising a product that requires FCC certification prior to certification can get you in trouble?  How do you get around that?  There's some fine print you can add to the advertisement to get around that.  What architecture is best for your embedded controller?  Why can't I get a clean signal out or into my RF design?  Why is my BER so high on this board?  These are all questions that we can help you figure out.  We prefer to help you in the beginning when it costs you less to make changes.

We have several options for our customers to make the best use of their time and money.  Depending on what is desired, we can consult over the phone, video conference, on site or at an off-site location.  We want to help you in the most efficient way.

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