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We consider our "design services" to be work that is more involved than answering questions you may have.  This may be providing high level system diagrams and specifications, hardware engineering or software development.

There are two main ways we provide design services.  The first way is you provide us with an interface control document (ICD) and we go to work.  That's OK, but you miss out on a lot of our expertise this way.  The saying, "How you ask a question determines its answer," is very true.  We can give you the optimal solution with the ICD you give us, but a small change to your ICD may deliver much better performance.  That's why we prefer working the second way, where we're brought in at the system, or at least subsystem, level before the ICD is solidified.  This allows you to take advantage of our expertise earlier in your design cycle, which is always a good thing.

However you wish to do it, we get your product moving.

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