Curious System Solutions, LLC

Bringing dreams to life

Charles "Chad" Kidder III is a licensed professional engineer (PE) in Texas and a senior member of IEEE.  He graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and a MS in Electrical Engineering in 2002.  His focus was on the electromagnetics and RF circuitry.  His thesis work was on a broadband patch antenna, both individually and in arrays.

While doing his graduate work Chad worked for the Advanced Products Center of Raytheon and joined them full time after graduation.  While there he worked on a variety of microwave modules for communications and radar system.  He was involved in the production, design, redesign or testing of these modules.  He also worked on antenna and radome design.

In 2006 Chad left Raytheon to setup and run the Radar Innovations Lab at the University of Oklahoma.  There he worked with professors and students in the university along with external collaborators to design, build and place into service several RF systems and a commercial weather radar.  He also consulted with professors at the university when developing electromagnetic sensors.

In 2009 Chad formed Curious System Solutions to provide his expertise with RF systems and sensors to those who are making their first steps into the world of electromagnetics and microwaves.

In 2011 Chad joined the engineering staff at Marshall Radio Telemetery to provide expertise in RF and embedded systems.

In 2013 Chad joined the engineering staff of Imsar, LLC as a designer of RF and microwave components for synthetic aperture radar.

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