Here at Curious System Solutions, LLC our human/man machine interface (HMI/MMI) work focuses on embedded devices. Our preference is for interfaces that have as few moving parts as possible, preferably none. We use capacitive sensors to create interfaces with buttons, dials and sliders. They can work with gloves and liquid on the buttons. Many popular portable personal music devices use this style of interface. Feedback and status are accomplished using LEDs, LCDs and audio. With these components, we can create a low cost interface that has no movable parts and can be environmentally protected. All these qualities make this an ideal interface for industrial environments where a piece of equipment may last 20 years, or has lasted 20 years and needs an update.

With all that said, we are fans of a nice solid knob and a big red button. We know how to keep your product robust and stylish. We help you find the right interface for your device. We realize how important an intuitive interface is in both the efficiency and marketability of a product.

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