At Curious System Solutions we provide concept through production services for individuals, small businesses and corporations. We love to follow a project all the way from concept to production and beyond. Sometimes our clients need targeted support in a specific area to help their project reach completion.

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We offer our expertise to you to help fill in the details, avoid potential roadblocks and improve project time and cost projections. Did you know that advertising a product that requires FCC certification prior to certification can get you in trouble?  How do you get around that? There’s some fine print you can add to the advertisement to get around that. What architecture is best for your embedded controller? Why can’t I get a clean signal out or into my RF design? These are all questions that we can help you figure out. We prefer to help you in the beginning when it costs you less to make changes.


We consider our “design services” to be work that is more involved than answering questions you may have. This may be providing high level system diagrams and specifications, hardware engineering or software development. You can provide us with an interface control document (ICD) and we go to work. Or you can bring us in at the system, or at least subsystem, level before the ICD is solidified. This allows you to take advantage of our expertise earlier in your design cycle, which is always a good thing. However you wish to do it, we get your product moving.


We generally do prototyping in conjunction with design, test or troubleshooting. If all you want is an untested prototype, there’s suppliers who specialize in that. We offer prototyping because we feel that it is an important step in the product cycle. We believe that we provide the best value to you by involving you when you need to be involved and letting you work otherwise. We can take care of all material and fabrication or use your components stock. We’re flexible and want to help you save money.


Our full testing services are like our design services, you can tell us test x to y specifications or we can work with you to find the best testing solution and run that test.  We have access to several different equipment suppliers and labs to make sure that the right equipment is used to get the test results you need.  Once the prototype testing is done we can look at the test data and find what tests are redundant or unnecessary to make your production testing as quick and efficient as possible.

Product Improvement

Any time a product gets to market it is a cause for celebration. After congratulations we are off to the next great thing. While not as glamorous as designing new products, product improvement still contributes to a company’s bottom line. Improvements in a product’s design often yield cheaper manufacturing costs. Sometimes design improvements are required because of part obsolescence. Do you find yourself putting off product improvements because you don’t want to loose focus on new products? Do you put them off due to resource limitations. If you find yourself saying, “We should update this product but…,” Curious Systems Solutions is able to help you out. Our engineers can work with your designers and manufacturing facilities to find the what will bring you and your customers the greatest benefit.

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